“the just shall live by faith.”

About Us

Random Moments of FAITH was born from telling stories in faith. The hope is that we might find our identity in our stories.

Faith becomes practical and alive when people share their relationships with God and each other.

We want to connect people in a basic way. Be a platform where there is no judgement. offense or obstruction.  An environment where people can interact with complete freedom. Free from the confines of organized religion but not necessarily limited there to. Maybe in this way we can help each other find God.

This translates into the following:

  • Website to upload and share testimonies, moments of impact and thoughts on spirituality
  • Meeting place for anyone seeking More and who seeks help from others
  • Network of hope, helping to connect anyone looking for assistance. This could be anything from a job to just a place to eat.
  • Production company to capture testimonies, moments of impact and thoughts on spirituality free of charge
  • You Tube Channel, newsletter and blog
  • Hosting events to facilitate community and advance unity.
  • Help anyone with a message to better communicate by making all our resources available at no cost.
  • Cultivate Faith based conversation

Please share and tell people about us with the Hashtag #randomomentsofaith #rmof